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About Us

Through innovative automation solutions and consulting services, Skycap is revolutionizing real estate and financial services. 

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Our Mission

With cutting-edge tools and services, we strive to empower real estate owners, operators, and professionals to simplify their daily operations and unlock the full potential of their assets.

What We Do

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We work closely with real estate owners and operators to optimize their reporting systems and processes. We provide expert guidance and tailor-made solutions to boost efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in better results.

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage

By leveraging our technology and automation capabilities, we provide real estate brokerage services that help rent apartments quickly and maximize your property value. Our technology-driven approach ensures efficient property management and superior tenant experiences.

Real Estate Products and Tools




SkySuite is a revolutionary AI Office 365 productivity tool, designed to make tasks faster and more accurate. With automation at its core, SkySuite streamlines workflow.

SkyVal (Coming Soon)
Our state-of-the-art SkyVal Commercial Underwriting & Reporting Tool helps you make smarter real estate decisions by seamlessly combining internal, public, and third-party data sources to provide comprehensive insights.


At Skycap, we envision a real estate landscape where technology and automation simplify everyday tasks while elevating the potential for growth and success. With our innovative approach and exceptional results, we aim to lead this transformation.

Get in Touch

Whether you're a property owner, financial professional, or a real estate operator, Skycap is here to provide the expertise and tools you need to thrive in the competitive real estate market. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for considering Skycap as your partner in real estate automation and consultancy.

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