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Decoding NYC's Buyer-Friendly Neighborhoods: 10 Areas Where Negotiation Power Reigns

In the dynamic world of real estate, the balance of power between buyers and sellers often fluctuates. With the recent uptick in mortgage rates, many prospective homebuyers have hit the pause button on their property search. However, for those equipped with the financial means to enter the market, now might just be the opportune moment to seize the day. 

While New York City continues to be primarily a seller's market, there are pockets within the city where buyers hold more sway in negotiations. we've pinpointed 10 neighborhoods across the five boroughs where buyers are likely to find themselves in a stronger bargaining position. These areas witnessed a notable increase in listing durations and a higher prevalence of price reductions in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year. 

5 of the Top 10 Neighborhoods Were in Manhattan 

Manhattan, known for its premium real estate, has seen a shift in dynamics favoring buyers in certain neighborhoods. From Morningside Heights to Gramercy Park, listings in these areas spent more time on the market, accompanied by a rise in the share of listings slashing asking prices. This trend indicates a growing willingness among sellers to engage in negotiations, deviating from the fervent bidding wars seen in previous seasons. 

Brooklyn Buyers Have Power in Areas With More Single-Family Homes 

Brooklyn's diverse neighborhoods offer varied opportunities for homebuyers. Areas like East New York and Bensonhurst, characterized by a higher concentration of single or multi-family homes, have emerged as buyer-friendly zones. With a significant uptick in price cuts and extended listing durations, buyers in these neighborhoods can explore options with less competition and potentially negotiate more favorable terms. 

The Sales Market in Queens Remains More Competitive 

In Queens, Rego Park stands out as the lone neighborhood on our list, reflecting a broader trend of affordability and competitive market conditions. Despite a slight increase in listing durations and price reductions, Queens continues to attract buyers seeking relatively affordable options compared to its neighboring boroughs. 

Should Buyers Join the Market Now or Wait? 

The decision to enter the market amidst rising mortgage rates is a pivotal one for prospective buyers. While some may opt to wait for more favorable conditions, factors like dwindling inventory and pent-up demand suggest that delaying could come at a cost. Moreover, the current environment presents a unique opportunity for savvy buyers to capitalize on shifting dynamics and secure favorable deals. 

How We Ranked the Neighborhoods 

Our analysis considered the growth in the share of listings cutting asking prices and the increase in median days on market from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022. By assessing these metrics, we identified neighborhoods where buyers are likely to have the upper hand in negotiations. Our methodology ensured a comprehensive and timely evaluation of market dynamics across different areas.


As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, it's essential for buyers to stay informed and leverage expert guidance to navigate the complexities of property transactions. Whether you're eyeing a brownstone in Brooklyn or a penthouse in Manhattan, working with seasoned agents can provide invaluable insights and ensure a smooth buying experience. 


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