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Discover Year-Round Living in NYC's Beach Towns

New York City, a metropolis renowned for its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, also harbors serene beachside communities that offer a unique living experience. From the historic boardwalks of Coney Island in Brooklyn to the tranquil bayside areas of the Bronx, these neighborhoods present a delightful blend of coastal charm and urban convenience. Here's a closer look at five NYC beach towns perfect for year-round living. 

Country Club, Bronx: A Serene Waterfront Retreat 

Nestled along Eastchester Bay, Country Club in the Bronx boasts a scenic waterfront with deep-water docks and a selection of mom-and-pop businesses, from cozy pizza joints to local grocery stores. The neighborhood exudes a small-town vibe with its Tudor-style homes and newer residential developments. Attractions like Evers Marina, offering a seaplane base with historical significance, add to the area's unique character. While it's car-friendly, public transportation options, including buses and the nearby 6 train, connect residents to the wider city. 

City Island, Bronx: A Hidden Gem with Maritime Charm 

City Island, a quaint and somewhat secret NYC beach town, is known for its maritime history and vibrant local dining scene, including the iconic seafood spot, the Original Crab Shanty. Accessible via a bridge from Pelham Bay Park, City Island is a haven for boating and scuba diving enthusiasts, with services like Captain Mike’s Diving and Jack’s Bait and Tackle catering to maritime adventures. The community’s housing mainly consists of single-family homes, with new developments enhancing the island’s residential appeal. 

Rockaway, Queens: The Ultimate Beachfront Community 

Rockaway, Queens, is famed for its expansive sandy beaches, lively boardwalk, and surf clubs. This peninsula is a beloved summer destination that also attracts year-round residents with its small-town feel and revitalized bungalows. The introduction of the NYC Ferry's Rockaway line has improved accessibility, making commutes to Manhattan more convenient. New waterfront developments offer residents direct beach access, embodying the dream of beachside living. 

Belle Harbor and Neponsit, Queens: Upscale Coastal Living 

Adjacent to Rockaway Beach, Belle Harbor and Neponsit are upscale communities known for their proximity to both the bay and the ocean. Despite being impacted by Hurricane Sandy, these neighborhoods have recovered impressively, with real estate fetching premium prices. Belle Harbor charms with its independent eateries and shops, while Neponsit is home to the tranquil Jacob Riis Park. Both areas boast large homes, some with pools, reflecting their status as some of Queens' most desirable beachfront locations. 

Coney Island, Brooklyn: Iconic Beach Town with Urban Flair 

Coney Island, a Brooklyn icon, offers a vibrant boardwalk, historic amusement park attractions, and beachfront activities, making it a lively place to live year-round. Recent developments, like 1 Ocean Drive, mirror luxury beachfront living, drawing comparisons to Miami’s high-rises. The neighborhood, along with nearby Brighton Beach, is beloved for its community atmosphere, diverse food offerings, and, of course, the beach, which remains the main attraction for residents seeking the ocean's tranquility amidst the city's hustle and bustle.


These NYC beach towns prove that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the peacefulness of coastal living and the dynamic energy of urban life. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of City Island or the surf culture of Rockaway, each neighborhood offers a unique beachside community within the sprawling metropolis of New York City. 

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